Arriving in California in 1996, I walked into the office of Dr. Jason Kelberman by happenstance. I was looking for a new CHIRO. Was it luck or destiny that I walked into his particular office?
I had stumbled upon a chiro, who was on a higher plane than any that I have met and I have been a patient of his ever since. I travel around the country and still cannot find a better one. Conservatively speaking, I have seen over 50 different chiropractors!
On my recent visit, I saw Dr. Kelberman for nerve damage that I developed in my aging leg from an old injury. He was immediately able to get the leg to function better, relieving my pain as well as treat my neck safely and comfortably. He continues to astound me with his technical abilities.
— Mark S.

I just finished a training with Dr. Kelberman to treat Neuropathy patients. I’ve consulted with many doctors who treat Neuropathy, and none of them share even close to the same passion, knowledge, and talent for helping this demographic. If you have any Neuropathy symptoms (pain, tingling, numbness, burning, and/or weakness in your feet/hands/legs/arms) you will not find a better doctor to treat you. I hope one day I reach his level of proficiency.
— Steve C.

Dr. Kelberman is the best. It’s as simple as that. I travel from the valley to see him twice a week. He’s gentle and kind but also smart and thoughtful. He puts careful consideration into every move and brings such passion to his craft. Dr. Kelberman is a masterful expert at what he provides. I’d give him 6 stars if I could.
— Sydney S.

I am currently a patient of Dr. Kelberman, since Mid February 2018. I had a feeling I had Neuropathy but was just letting it go. Thank goodness I looked up Dr. Kelberman online. Within minutes of meeting him and his staff I knew I came to the right place. He is caring and very knowledgeable, we went through the systems and possible causes. There was more to it then just the pain, diet, lifestyle, and medications all play a part to the treatment. After two visits I started to see results. I am very confident my pain will continue to be reduced.
— Carol B.

I had piriformis syndrome that left both of my big toes tingly and irritated for about 3 months. I had been to several doctors including a pain management doctor, acupuncturist, and my general practitioner. None of them were able to help my tingly toes. I found Dr. Kelberman on-line and made an appointment. He listened to me tell him about my symptoms and created a therapy plan that included supplements, laser and inferred. Less than 2 weeks later, I am almost 100% tingle-free on my toes! I strongly recommend Dr. Kelberman and his awesome staff. They are caring and very skilled, they listen and their main goal is to help you to recover fast!
— Nancy N.

I’ve seen Dr. K numerous times between 2009-2016 every time I’ve had any back or neck issues. Without fail he has me up to speed within 1-3 sessions. He doesn’t crack your back just for the sake of cracking things. Sometimes he just manipulates without cracking you if you don’t need to be cracked. He is very attentive and identifies the root of the problem before performing any work and it is very relieving to know that I can put my trust in Dr. K to keep my core functioning optimally and pain free.
— Herve D.

Dr. Kelberman treats the body not only from a muscular skeletal perspective (my elbow hurts - ouch!) but from a chemical aspect as well (you need more protein). This holistic approach allows for systemic healing; creating a positive change in overall health, and eliminating any aches pains caused from a weak system. Your energy will go UP!
— Meghan P.

Dr. Kelberman is a great doctor. He is not only skilled, but also kind and attentive. He has taught me to understand so much more about my body and the healing process. I would recommend him to friends and family alike, and have with great results!
— Misty F.

Dr. Kelberman treated me after a serious auto accident. It took a lot of time, patience, and rehab, but I am back to normal. I’m able to compete in events without any issues. I’m very thankful for Dr. Kelberman’s holistic therapeutic approach.
— Alesa W.

Jason Kelberman has the gift of healing and understanding how our bodies work. He is a talented, patient and kind Dr. who has brought me back to a pain-free life. After years of struggling with back/pelvic pain after childbirth, I am finally comfortable and can enjoy life.
— Lisa T.
On the advice of two friends, I limped into Westside Wellness Center with an injured hip and neck a week after being hit by a car. Dr. Kelberman and his staff immediately made me feel taken care of and calmed my anxiety and fear. With my scans, x-rays, blood tests and MRI in hand, Dr. Kelberman explained my injuries in a way that helped me understand my treatment options and what to expect. He always worked with thoughtfulness for changes or additions to my treatment and gave me hope of improvement when I was discouraged. Dr. Kelberman treated me from my feet to my head, aligning and strengthening my entire body. He frequently gave suggestions about supplements and nutrition, what to take and what to avoid, but never in a pushy way. He uses electrical stim, ultrasound and laser and the exercises he gives are specific and exact. If you listen to everything he says and are an active partner in your treatment, you will not be disappointed. He’s the best!
— Kathy S.

Dr Kelberman, Thank you! For your excellent diagnostics professional, kind and caring treatment. Your extensive knowledge and holistic global approach have allowed me to get immediate relief, correct my problem areas and now get me back to wellness. Your therapy and care have been, so effective that you have me healed much faster than I expected. I can fully recommended Dr Jason Kelberman for his holistic approach to chiropractic kinesthesiology health and wellness.
— Paul S.

After training with him, I now truly understand how lucky his patients are to have him treating them. His eyes, his words, and his actions all communicate very strongly his capacity and desire to help. He has a superior understanding of nutrition, biomechanics, examination, and the various treatment modalities that all play into helping patients get better. If you have Neuropathy or any other problems with your feet/legs, Dr. Kelberman is by far the best person you’ll find to help you out.
— Steve C.

Dr. Kelberman is my go-to-doctor for all that ails me. He is the best in town!! He is a specialist and a generalist. He combines over 40 years of study and practice to address whatever is causing you pain or dis-ease, structurally, muscularly, energetically and nutritionally. He is warm, sensitive, emphatic and the kind of doctor you can talk to who listens. He has the skills to use multiple modalities to treat pain, acute, chronic, and mixtures of imbalances that occur in our bodies. If I have a car accident or a fall, or my bum knee goes out, i get out the ice and push Dr. Kelberman’s button on my I phone to get as fast as I can into his office. I am never disappointed in his care and often the relief from pain I experience makes me walk out smiling with a traveling ice pack to use if necessary!
— Lauree M.

There’s no one like Dr. Kelberman. First off, he knows his stuff!! He identifies what’s going on and provides solutions like virtually no one I’ve ever seen. He’s also really real. No BS. If it’s going to take awhile to heal through some process or retrain muscles, etc, he’ll be straight with you. If you’re screwing up your life, he’ll tell you. I actually find that type of confidence and caring refreshing. If you want a GREAT doc who’s going to care about you AND deliver results, Dr. Kelberman is your man.
— Scott F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kelberman since 2007. Before I found him, I was desperate to find relief from the low back pain resulting from a congenital defect at the L5-S1 joint. I had to take 800mg ibuprofen every 6 hours just to function. Regularly, I wore a portable TENS unit for pain management. I even had to have my groceries delivered to my house because I hurt too badly to do it myself. Within 6 months of being his patient, I had NO MORE PAIN. I could do physical activity again. The defect in my spine is still there but thanks to Dr. Kelberman, I have no pain anymore. I wouldn’t be able to recommend anyone more highly. He is one of my most trusted medical providers. He knows me as a person, not just as a patient. If you are in pain, go to see him. You will be as thankful for him as I am.
— Stephanie L.

Dr. Jason Kelberman & his staff are patient, kind & caring. Scientifically oriented, Dr. Kelberman designs a treatment program tailored for each individual. Along with his skill as a chiropractor, he utilizes various therapeutic & holistic modalities. including nutrition.
— Madelyn T.

Dr. Kelberman is a fantastic chiropractor and so much more. The aches, pains and injuries I’ve had alleviated thanks to Dr. Kelberman’s expertise would leave most traditional chiropractors dumbfounded. He is one of the most knowledgeable and truly caring practitioners I’ve met and very deserving of a 5 star rating.
— Tom D.