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Non-Surgical spinal decompression


There is an alternative to surgery for herniated discs, degenerative discs, stenosis and spinal issues.  The human discs are made of 65-85% fluid depending on your age. They are responsible for creating an opening whereby your nerves can exit the spine and communicate with your legs! They allow us to have motion and they also act as shock absorbers. After your teenage years, there is no longer a blood supply to your discs.  Discs are then nourished by  motion. That’s one of the reasons why exercise is so very important for your health. When your discs become degenerated it means they are no longer moving correctly thus they dehydrate. The computer assisted decompression allows your body to rehydrate your discs. The decompression  effect can  bring your herniated disc away from the nerves, open the nerve pathways (called  the neuroforamina) and  allow better motion in the joints. Restoring motion is key to all joints of our body and musculature.

If your neuropathy is coming from, or complicated by lumbar spine issues we will recommend a course of decompression to allow for better nerve supply down your legs. Treatments vary according to your anatomy, tolerances and comfort.

Even if you’ve been told you need surgery you may be a candidate for non surgical decompression. Hundreds of patients are able to lead normal non painful lives without surgery. The only way to know is by being examined by our experts and having them review your MRI results.