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laser therapy


We  are proud to announce that we are the first office in Los Angeles to have the new P4  K-Laser. The results are  nothing short of amazing and has been the missing link with treating many types of peripheral neuropathy. It’s not just for the pain and spasms but also for the numb and tingling symptoms which are sometimes harder to treat. It’s more effective because it has 4 different wavelengths and that means you get the treatment of 4 lasers simultaneously! No other laser system has that technology. Each wavelength treats different tissues in your body.

Dr. Kelberman studied with several specialists across the country. As our base of knowledge grew and the technology evolved we are now able to help most of the Neuropathy cases that seek our care. From diabetes to chemotherapy,  lumbar stenosis, drug induced, mercury or other chemical toxicity or liver disease and many more.

Treating Peripheral Neuropathy  is still a very challenging area of medicine but it’s also very rewarding. When you help a person with “PN” you don’t just reduce their pain,  you change the quality of their lives!