Your Feet

Whether you love or hate your feet they are one of the most essential parts of our body. The bones in our feet represent 25% of ALL the bones in our body. They are what allows us to walk, run, dance, jump play sports etc.

Here in California we drive more than we walk. In New York they walk more than they drive. ?  The old adage of whatever you don’t use you lose is SO true.  Our bodies were meant to  move in ALL directions, yet as we age we only move forward. So  if we only move forward then we will lose the stabilizing muscles that help us move laterally and in all other directions including backward.

Since we wear shoes and walk on concrete our natural foot motion which includes the ability to grip the ground beneath us is lost. Thus our arch stability and overall movement which is call the gait mechanism is affected. That means that your knees, hips, pelvis, spine, etc can be affected.  

Here’s the kicker, you don’t have to have foot pain for the feet to be dysfunctional! So many people just don’t have them checked.

The best doctors to check your feet are chiropractic kinesiologists, podiatrists or orthopedists specializing in feet. Your feet can become misaligned just like your spine or other joints. Restoring normal alignment is very valuable. So, chiropractic foot treatments and foot orthotics are at the top of the treatment list.

Next, we should talk about foot exercises. There is nothing at the gym or anywhere else to strengthen your feet. That’s why I have designed and patented a new piece of equipment to do just that. It’s simple, easy and very effective.  One of my specialties is treating patients with Peripheral Neuropathy and that means nerve damage in the feet and calves. Rehabilitating these patients means strengthening their feet so there balance and walking can be improved. Now you can see why I had to design new foot strengthening equipment.

Footwear is the next area to think about. Women who wear high heels are more prone to foot issues. I am not a fan of the dance type shoes that affords nothing more than road rash resistance. But anyone can have a foot issue. Feet are very genetically linked. So, if  one or both of our parents have foot issues you probably will  also. High arches are better off with softer shoes but dropped arches require strong stabilizing shoes.

Weight gain can affect your feet including the later stages of pregnancy. Our country is one of the heaviest per capita in the world !  Food is a separate issue, however there are food related conditions, like Gout that are extremely painful. That’s another genetic issue since it means your kidneys are not able to clear uric acid at a sufficient rate so crystals that are like spears form usually in the big toe first.

The most common issues with feet are: dropped (medial) arches, since there are actually 3 arches to the feet. Bunions (medial issue). Outer ankle sprains and muscle weakness, Joint inflammation, bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis or Neuroma.

Take good care of your feet and they will take good care of you!

Jason Kelberman