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 advantages in choosing us



Each of us has unique issues. Wouldn’t you want those issues addressed directly? We offer total body care for your structure and physiologic issues. What we found having treated hundreds of people suffering from peripheral neuropathy is that you can also have multiple issues that are made worse by peripheral neuropathy. So a person can have plantar fasciitis as well as nerve damage. They can have flat feet as well as peripheral neuropathy. They can have neuromas, bunions, high arches, old ankle injuries etc. What ever the cause of your  foot problem, our unique drug-free, nonsurgical approach can address many issues at the same time which helps you get well faster. Our center is the place to go when you don’t know where to go.

02 Comfortable Clinic

Centrally located, ample parking, flexible scheduling, appointment reminders, Wi-Fi is available in our paperless office.

03 Exceptional, Knowledgeable & Experienced Staff

We understand what you are going through. We all had some kind of significant injury or illness that led us to this office and this type of comprehensive work. We have extensive experience in treating difficult conditions and have trained and continue to train with doctors across this great country for over 34 years.

04 Advanced Therapy

State of the art foot and leg rehabilitative services, Diowave and K-Laser therapy, neuro-stimulation, biofeedback and nutritional education and supplementation. Treatment protocols are explained in person by Dr. Kelberman after your initial consultation and examination.

05 Integrative care

Our office is not just an advanced  chiropractic office. It’s a center where we combine specialties to better help your peripheral neuropathy. We offer specifically designed chiropractic foot treatments that were engineered by Dr. Kelberman,  that are gentle, painless and well tolerated by even a 96 year old person suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Inflammation reduction is crucial in all painful and peripheral neuropathy conditions. Many times a particular part of your body breaks down because of a metabolic issue which you are not aware of. That’s why we treat the whole body.