We've helped hundreds of people walk without pain and get their lives back!


If your peripheral neuropathy was caused by diabetes, drugs, chemotherapy, spinal stenosis, mercury toxicity, vitamin or immune deficiency, we welcome the chance to improve your quality of life.

Specializing in the treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms


While we are one of 280 clinics nation wide that specialize in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy, we are unique. Our center not only treats the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy but we rehabilitate your feet!  We treat the nerves and strengthen your muscles utilizing patent pending foot strengthening equipment developed by Dr. Kelberman. Our office has more than a 90% patient satisfaction in treating peripheral neuropathy symptoms. 

Peripheral neuropathy is a degenerative condition of the nerves in the extremities (more commonly in the feet) that creates severe pain, muscle cramps and weakness, numbness and tingling, burning feet and loss of balance. Muscles then atrophy due to nerve damage.


Our revolutionary treatment protocols are changing lives every day.

    Using the latest in technology, we offer non-invasive, drugless, nonsurgical, and painless neuropathy treatment that is provided solely at our treatment center. We were the first center in the los Angeles  area to use a combined approach to the diagnosis and treatment of  peripheral neuropathy, a critical factor in successfully eliminating neuropathy pain for good.


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